Last February I was in Sydney. I was there for attending the marriage of one of my relative. I am not a party animal so I dislike going to the parties, functions and the places where there are lots of noise and many peoples are present there. But that marriage is about one of my close relatives so I had to go there with my family. As we reached there and on the night of the reception, I was feeling very bored because I hate the noisy places and you know there was music and music all over the place in any reception party so I left the party and leave for my hotel room. I am alone in the room because all of my family members are at the party. So, I opened my phone and started internet surfing. I heard too much about the casinos and gambling in Australia, so I started searching for this over the internet. There are many websites present there, who is providing me a platform to enjoy these.

Then I reached a website consisting of catchy and amazing graphics. They were providing their players large varieties of play to enjoy. I also started searching for the appropriate and easy game which can provide me the things I needed at that time i.e. fun and entertainment. Then a flashing box is shown on the sidebar of the website. I clicked on that and started exploring about that particular play. When, I have gone through the playing rules of this they appeared very easy and simple.

That play is designed on the theme of the hip-hop artists who sold millions of records of their musical work. This is a micro gaming slot. This is different from the classical style. This is a 5 reel play. This is a newly themed machine. You have to only made a combination of the symbols on the reel and if you will be able to find the winning combination. I also tried my luck on this machine. They gifted me free bonus coins for making the bet. I played a lot and enjoyed a lot. And this made my night and this helped me to pass that boring time.