These days I have been in so much chaos, there is a girl I like living right next to my flat, I was looking for ways to get friendly with her, but nothing was helping. And then I observed something weird about her, every time I saw her she was busy with her phone. And I was wondering if she has a boyfriend or what? Then i did some digging and found that she is in to this mobile casino slot games and stuff. There i got some ray of hope and i thought may be i can get friendly with her i would have something common to talk that is the online casino games.

The very night i googled everything about the microgaming, even i didn’t sleep whole night. Before that I have played sometimes on the land based casinos, but not on the virtual mobile apps. Waking up the whole night didn’t go in vain, and I finally got to talk to her. Before that day, I used to think that she will be little arrogant, but she is not. That’s how the conversations get started and guess what, a few days later she invited me over for dinner. On that night I got her some wine and flowers, and she really liked the gesture. Then I helped her serving the food and we had it, I can’t describe in words that how happy I was that night. I have been very naughty since my childhood and still I am. I used to play funny pranks on all my friends, family & siblings. So I played one at her too, but this was the romantic one. Later we got to our common interest and played till midnight, that night I played the beginners game called the” doctor doctor”. Over all it was an amazing night.