Yesterday my colleague from office took me to new restaurant, some miles away from the city the restaurant name was the “Karate Pig Restaurant” I went there I hope of a nice dinner, but really it was remarkable and not so heavy on piggy bank. Ok jokes apart I was telling you about the finger licking food and the perks they gave us to play pokies games like double whammy and karate pig online with real money in New Zealand.

Actually they gave us free spins to play on the mummy’s gold. Where I usually don’t go much, at first I refused to take the offer then my colleague forced or you can say pinched me to grab the offer, so I took it. actually i suddenly came to remember that i have know this restaurant already with a synonym and have read about it in a book also, its origin was referenced from the book named good luck charlie, so i decided to test its food.

Later that night, you can it all was destined I was having difficulties while sleeping, that’s when I was thinking about how my day went that’s when I remembered about the spin and decided to check them out and I went online and tried my luck. Off course I had nothing to lose as I was playing with the free spins. I really nailed it that day, did pretty well, that exactly what happens in most of the cases when you start playing slots. And this luck works when you start is called the ‘beginner’s luck” I heard about it somewhere I don’t remember now. But that day I came to understand it. The luck actually entices you to play with the real money. Then I lost some money too. And on the other hand had too much fun too, in other words you can say the fun really worth the money I lost. So that’s why I am writing my experience with the karate pig slot free game. Obviously, before start playing I read the reviews and all, and everything seems fair to me. And I personally believe if you are just going in to this to have some fun, you will never regret the experience.