Tell me about the first thought come into your mind after hearing the word beach. If you are a nature lover then you will think about the cold breeze and water and water all over the place till the place you can see. And if you are a naughty person like me then you will think about watching bikini babes lying on the sand and lots of fun. This is just a naughty thought, but here I am talking about any other beach. Here I am talking about the online play, which is named as Life’s a Beach. This is the most popular pokies and players of every group loved to play this.

My encounter with this for the first time is just a co-incidence. I am not a supporter of betting and gambling. This doesn’t mean that I am criticizer of this, but I dislike some part of this. This is my thought before playing it. But as I started playing it my thoughts are changed for that. One day I am with my friend who is playing this over his cell phone. I started giving lectures to him, but he is smarter than me he told me so many positive things and gave me his mobile to try this. I imagine that there isn’t anything to lose by attempting it. Around then he was playing the previously mentioned game. This is snappy and alluring space. New Zealand think that its a genuine cash pokie application for the ipad clients with no store reward. so I chose to take audit prior to downloading it from the authority site “turn castle gambling casino“.

This is designed on the theme of a beach resort. This is a 5 reel play consisting of icons based on the theme like water bodies, hidden treasures, etc. My friend explained me all the rules regarding this. As I am using my friends account so there is not any risk for me to lose any amount. I did my first spin and what I got just amused me that I won the spin on the first try. You can say that this is just a co-incidence but for me this is a thought changing process. I played 2-3 more games and handed over it to my friend. And I passed a smile to my friend and thanked them for changing my mind. I downloaded the particular application on my phone and started playing. So, this changed my negative thoughts about the betting online plays.